Meehan Family

My dad's side of the family includes  the following surnames (so far):


Meehan                        Donegal
Magee/Mcgee              ?
O'Neill                                ?
Faulkner                      Dublin?        

Crosby                         Dublin?
Newton                        Offaly/Laois?
Bryan/Bryant              Offaly/Laois?
McKnight                     Enniskillen, Fermanagh
Smith                           Enniskillen, Fermanagh

Abraham                       Berkshire or Oxfordshire
Gosling/Goslin             Berkshire or Oxfordshire
Wheeler                        Berkshire or Oxfordshire
Howson                         Berkshire or Oxfordshire
Lay                                Berkshire or Oxfordshire
Juffs/Jeffs                    Berkshire or Oxfordshire

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